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March 18, 2008

God help the time-wasting souls bound to an internet connection!

I do try and avoid Tv from rotting by brain, but the back issues of Top Gear are’nt going to watch themselves! BBC iplayer allows me all the comforts of sitting downstairs, upstairs!

Tho limited to only programmes made by the bbc, one can make regular trips back to catch up on missed shows, news and weather. As well as all the comedy and panorama type stuff.

Oh, and check out delia’s new show, i thought it was’nt too great.

BBC iplayer 



February 27, 2008


At 00:56 this morning the UK was struck by it’s largest earthquake in nearly 25 years. Cool eh? I was still up and reading, and have to admit it scare me to death at the time, the shear fact i had no idea what was going on!

I live 100 miles from the epicentre which supposedly occurred just north of Market Rasen in Lincolnshire, but the noise and power was incredible. The quake measured 4.7 but has certainly been enough to awake the people in the UK that we are not immune to such phenomena.

If you felt the quake, wherever you may be, you can help out the British Geological Survey by compiling a quick survey to aid their research here.