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February 27, 2008


At 00:56 this morning the UK was struck by it’s largest earthquake in nearly 25 years. Cool eh? I was still up and reading, and have to admit it scare me to death at the time, the shear fact i had no idea what was going on!

I live 100 miles from the epicentre which supposedly occurred just north of Market Rasen in Lincolnshire, but the noise and power was incredible. The quake measured 4.7 but has certainly been enough to awake the people in the UK that we are not immune to such phenomena.

If you felt the quake, wherever you may be, you can help out the British Geological Survey by compiling a quick survey to aid their research here.


Modified Toy Orchestra

February 26, 2008

Modified toy orchestra

Just wow,

As soon as i get my finances sorted I’ve got to order myself a copy of this here CD.

A group of five “Musicians” hailing from Birmingham, who have spend the last five years modifying and experimenting with discarded electronic children’s toys, for pure audio endeavour has got to be worth £10.99 from

The first track i heard was “This is the monkey”, and it had me bopping around for days! The shear mix of dirty Partyshank (see more later) beats and synth droning 8-bit vocal samples. For those unfamiliar which the term ‘Circuirbending’ this will be a great introduction, of the art of reverse engineering and ‘Bending’ of electronic equipment and toys.

Released on the WarmCircuit Label “Toygopop” sound varied and original but i’m sure that is expected when ‘musicians’ are behind the creation. Rather than effort i myself have tried! Preview tracks and videos from the album on the Myspace page.